I'm Chelsea Vaughn - A wife, mom of two, graphic designer and watercolor artist. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be doing work that I absolutely LOVE. Creating products using watercolor and hand lettering has become such a passion of mine and time seems to both stand still and go by so fast when I am in my "zone." I like to keep things simple, but meaningful.  

I currently live in Holly Springs, NC with my husband, our two kids, and tabby cat. Our neighborhood is across from a small family farm and I love being able to drive by the cows in the field each day. I am a lover of small towns and national parks and tend to gravitate toward places that offer more open space and room to roam. We would love to own ten acres of land (or more) some day.

In addition to my passion for design, I appreciate time well spent with my family, slow Saturday mornings, a clean and organized home, outdoor adventures, coaching our neighborhood swim team in the summer, and connecting with others.